Why Video?

How video can help deliver your message

Product videos: Statistics suggest that 72 percent of customers would rather find out more about a product or service through video than reading about it. We use everything from clever angles to strategically timed close-ups to really bring your products to life.

Social media video services: 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook alone. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has said we are living in a ‘video first’ world. Brands and businesses that don’t offer their own video content on social media sites run the risk of falling behind. With our video content services, we can propel them into the future.

Video advertising: The American Superbowl is a prime example of the power of well-executed video advertisements. The video ads that are shown in the sporting event’s ad breaks are so highly anticipated and loved by the public that people now go online before the game to get a first look at them.

Animated video services: Whether your goal is to create an explainer video on a complex topic, or you want to inject a little bit of life into a dull piece of internal communications, our animation experts will work with you to produce something your intended audience will want to watch to the end.

Educational film services: Educational videos can alter behavior, break down barriers and change lives. At Soapbox Real Talk we’ve produced these types of films for everyone.

Event video services: Capturing the essence of events isn’t always easy in words and pictures. A video brings events to life, reminding those who were there how good it was and encouraging those who didn’t attend to be there next time around. You only get one shot – literally – to capture events in real-time. Our video services in London make sure that shot counts.

Films for Education

Whether it’s information provision, engaging past or prospective students, video and animation are highly effective marketing tools.

Charity and Voluntary Films

With extensive charity experience, we can help you tell a compelling story and engage your audience with your cause.


High-end production design from casting, locations, script and creative to post-production.

Training Films

Training films are an effective method for informing, engaging and supporting your colleagues. We have a bespoke service to meet your needs.


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