Teri and Dermoth – The author of ‘The Goozooms’

Dermoth Alexander Henry aka The Scribe, has totally awakened the child-like fantasies that lay within all us, producing yet another amazing story, that skill-fully confronts and explores the tradition of black culture through the eyes of his younger self.

In this latest book, He has created another magnificently written timepiece that is truly an enlightening read.

Set on the plains of Africa, the story skilfully transcends across the globe, capturing his imaginary style of action and adventure. Each chapter brings to life, the true kings of greatness in this powerful historical fiction – The Goozooms …

The characters are challenged with exploring the meaning of brotherly love and loyalty.

An emotionally explosive mix of friendship and a battle for sovereignty.

The story follows five brave African brothers that embark on a life changing adventure. As they travel, they are exposed to many different elements, some of which threaten their very existence.

The story is an inspirational insight into the search for truth, often leaving the boys lost and vulnerable.

During their journey, the boys discover that the truth is the only way back.


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