Shirley Jackson has over the years gained valuable expertise working with agencies, corporate and non profit organisations.

Her wealth of experience Shirley now focuses on being a marketing and communications specialist, working with agencies, corporate and non profit organisations.

As a website designer she has built a strong portfolio of websites and prides herself on working ethically to support growing businesses with competitive pricing. She is an expert in the creation of a multitude of advertising artwork, bespoke presentations, templates, brochures and a vast range of corporate marketing literature, and employs a wealth of knowledge using various professional software applications.

Shirley Jackson has a been collaborating developing and producing events of all shapes & sizes across the globe, Shirley fostered her inner creativity and grew her skills as an events professional. As a marketing communications and event specialist she can bring more than twenty-five years of experience to her clients. 

She works with other organisations that focus on the well being of youth and the wider community. One of these organisations is the CIC called Youth Unity for which she is the founder.

Shirley is also the founder of a successful online radio station which reaches and international audience. The station also hosts a variety of well known DJ’s that have substantial following and has mentored many growing DJs on the circuit.

Contact: / 07447 446992