Sexual Abuse Matters

🗣Sexual abuse occurs in every community…

But not every community responds to survivors of sexual abuse in a compassionate and supportive manner.🤭🤫😶

Shame is nothing more than denial of truth.

You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they aren’t alone.💟✨🌹

One in four girls will experience sexual abuse by the time she is sixteen, and 48 percent of all rapes involve a young woman under the age of eighteen. It’s not surprising then, that in a society where sexual abuse of young women is rampant, many women never share their stories. They remain hidden and invisible.👤

Most survivors of sexual abuse grew up too fast. Their vulnerable child-selves got lost in the need to protect and deaden themselves. Reclaiming the inner child is part of the healing process. Often the inner child holds information and feelings for the adult. Some of these feelings are painful; others are actually fun. The child holds the playfulness and innocence the adult has had to bury.🤐🥀

There is no one way to recover and heal from any trauma, the path isn’t always a straight line. Each survivor chooses their own path or simply stumbles across it, but you don’t have to go it alone.🌹

Perhaps You are healing, and need some sacred stillness, a space to slow down and finally focus on your health. Or maybe, like me, you feel like finally sharing and releasing the pain you’ve held for so long and you just need a safe space to share with like minds and not feel judged… However…🦋

If you vision into making 2021 your best year yet, then GREAT, it’s time to join an ever increasing group of women who not only have survived, but are thriving and would love to share their strategies of overcoming with YOU.🌹

Can you imagine a space holding healing love, Sistarhood, support and inspiration for your heart vision. 🦋 Then THIS IS FOR YOU✨

Feminine✨ Recovering✨ & Reclaiming✨ Essential✨ Empowerment✨ FRREE to live from the truth of your gift, the life YOU truly deserve.


It’s time to start seeing that messed up stuff that happened to you as a GIFT –  ✨Reset Your mindset✨🌓

THIS IS FOR YOU, (not them). ✨

It’s time to release the stress, the worry, the fear and step into your calling for 2021 with clarity, support, and love!


Are You Ready ?…

Join our group today by registering on and Let’s be FRREE …🦋✨

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