Safeguarding Young People Photography Policy

This policy should be reviewed and updated annually


This policy was last reviewed on: 11th November 2019
Date of next review:  11th November 2020
Named Safeguarding Officer: Sara Hacib
Contact information: 0207 169 6250

We ensure we have clear sign posts to inform people we are taking photos

Before taking any photos or films, we will ensure the people making them aware that they are being photographed, who is taking the pictures, what they will be used for, and who they will be shared with. You should also tell people who they should contact if they do not want to be photographed, or if they want their images deleted later. Display clear signs at our event which specifically explain all this.

For example:

FOAM20 LTD will be taking photos at today’s community event. These images will be used by FOAM20 LTD to share news about the event, and to publicise our event. Images may be used in press releases, printed publicity and published on FOAM20 LTD Facebook Page and our website. They will be stored securely. If you would prefer for you or your child not to be photographed, please speak to Shirley Jackson (07447 446992). If you would like to see your images, or would like us to delete them, please email at any time.

We will ensure sure our signs are clear and big.  We will make regular announcements, telling people to read the signs. It is important that everyone is aware that photos are being taken.

Sometimes, when we take pictures at an event, people ask to be given copies. It is fine to share photos so long as everyone knows this will happen. You should make it clear on your signs. For example:

Youth Unity will be taking photos at today’s event. These images will be used by Youth Unity to share news about the Festival, and to publicise our future events. Images may be used in press releases, printed publicity and published on Youth Unity’s website. They will be stored securely, and we will delete them after they are no longer needed for publicity purposes.

You may wish to share photos with other organisations, such as your funders, supporters or suppliers. For example, groups sometimes share photos with the Resource Centre of our equipment in use.

Make sure people know if this will happen. You should tell people who the images will be shared with, and for what purpose.

Please sign below to give consent for us to photograph your child and use the images as described above.

Name of child:

Name of parent / guardian:




Copyright rules mean that photos, films and other media can only be used with the permission of the person who created them.  So, if someone takes photos at your event, those photos are the copyright of the person who took them and should only be used with their permission. This applies even if the person is taking the photos on behalf of your group, as a volunteer. (However, if the person is a formal employee of your organisation, and the photos are taken as part of their job, the copyright belongs to the organisation unless there is an agreement to the contrary.)

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