Points & Badges


At the moment this is just a fun feature a healthy bit of competition on who can gain the most points for using and interacting on FOAM, a great way to see who is making the most of what we have to offer.

We are in discussions with leading brands on how to cash in the points for discounts and vouchers, obviously with the current climate this is on hold but it will happen, so in the meantime lets just make it a fun feature!!

Login per day (awarded once a day) 2
Becoming a Member 20
Daily Visits 3
Referring Visitors 10
Verified Profile 25
When someone new follows 6
When you follow someone/New Friend 4
for updating profile          2
for new profile photo 1
for new cover photo 1
for new friendship 8
Clicking on links 1
Viewing Videos 5
Comments 1
Commenting in Posts 2
Publishing a Channel 5
Viewing a Channel 2
Publishing on Directory 5
Publishing Posts 1
Anniversary how long on foam 20
Viewing Actor 1
Viewing / Using Directory 2
When a visitor views your directory 3
Viewing Pages 1
Viewing Posts 1
When someone visits your Post 2
for Bookmarking a new post 3
for adding a new review 5
for reacting to a new post 1
Creating a group 10
Adding a photo on a group 5
Activity on a group for each post 3
for updating group post 1
Joining groups 5
for new group comment 2


Adding a profile photo 10
Giving a title on your profile 2
For adding about me full description 3
User Biography 10
for adding new skills 10
for adding new services 10
adding new portfolio photos 10
for adding new slideshow photos 5
for adding quote widget cover 5
for adding quote 2
for adding quote widget owner 10
for adding cover on a link 5
for adding link 2
for adding link description 3
for adding project type

plus 1 point for each item added

for new wall status post 2
for new wall photo post 2
for new wall video post 2
for new wall file post 1
New Slideshow Post 1
New Link Post 1
New Quote Post 2
New Audio Post 2
Adding a Gallery per photo 1
Video Upload 1
Music Upload 1
adding post widget type 3
selecting post widget topic 3
Upload Video In Channel Page 10
for adding Facebook url 5
for adding Facebook PAGE url 8
google plus 5


YouTube 5
Pin Interest 5
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