Paul McKenzie is a professional Public Speaker, Life Coach / NLP Practitioner, Youth Worker and Public Correspondent.

Throughout many years of helping people to change the way they experience their lives, I have developed an understanding which I have broken down into seven key skills.

It’s really quite simple, we all require change at some level. In fact every next level of your life will require some adjustments to who you are being right now. That’s right, it’s about a new you. And I know how easy it is to feel like you’re not enough, and you don’t have the right encouragement and support, whilst trying to keep up to date with the ever changing, ever demanding life that we live

However, once you have a firm understanding of the fundamentals that you need to change, your journey becomes more manageable and the chances of achieving your outcomes becomes more of a reality.

We all want change now, but how many of you take the time to truly look at your life and make the changes you know are well over due. So, if you’re ready to make lasting changes and if you want to stop procrastinating and start living, read on…


Below I have given you the starting point to your personal success. Take the time to use these in your life on a daily basis and you will experience the life you most want.

Knowing Yourself – Nobody Knows You Like You.

YOU MUST BE THE AUTHORITY ON YOUR LIFE. You know exactly what it takes to make you tick. Learning as much about yourself gives you the valuable information you need to make the changes that will empower your life. Stop looking outwards for the answers and start looking inwards for the solutions.

Be prepared to find out things that shock you and find resources that you didn’t know you had. In order for you to be in control of your life you must place yourself in the position of understanding yourself. You are the only person that can give you the feedback that you need to create new outcomes. You can listen to advice from experts, spend thousands on workshops and books, but the truth is that if you don’t make a decision to be honest with your self, you are wasting your time and money.
So, stop wasting time and money and start getting the results that you want in your life. Start looking at what motivates you, what you are passionate about and what activities you do now that leave you feeling that you are not achieving what you want from life. This is what I mean when I say the truth. Being honest is the hardest part of being a success, it’s the one internal dialogue that creates pain when you ask your self for the truth. Many of us hide from our true selves. We create versions of ourselves that work for a time, and a time only

Life is like a journey that has many routes, and we most always return to the thing we are truly passionate about in our lives. It is a divine structure of possibilities and often appearing as an endless challenge.

However, part of being an healthy person is being well integrated and at peace with yourself.

Remember, you are the greatest resource of your life, you get to choose what you love. Your integrity will naturally lead to your joy, and once you begin to function integrally, (with the spiritual values of the universe) you can define your route. You become the captain of your ship, because you know you have the ability to adjust your sails when needed. You now have more of a greater chance of arriving at that particular point of successLearn From Your Own Experience.

The best source of knowledge Is experience.

Learning from your own experience is a true calibration of your success. Some of the most successful people have endured so called “endless failure”, in order to obtain great success. They have learned to channel their failures into constructive feedback and used their experiences to propel them further towards their desired outcomes.
Once you reframe your failures you begin to see everything as a steppingstone that can actually help you to overcome the obstacles that stand between you achieving your goal.

YOU CAN BEGIN TO BE GRATEFUL for the good, the bad, and the indifference in your life. You can expect to be stretched by obstacles on your way to greatness. In fact, expect to have massive challenges on your way to success. Because if you can see these challenges as an integral part of self-growth, it will pass and you will experience the sense of achievement that represents your goal or desired outcome.


The more you learn from experiences the better positioned you are to achieve more of what you really want. Therefore always use every failure, every set back and the emotional pain you experience as information that is necessary for you to race towards a life that you most want to live.


This is the part where you find out who you are, what it is that you want to achieve and how you go about it.

Purpose is divinely assigned. It’s something for which one is responsible. All life has purpose, and a responsibility to see it through.

Equally so, “Research Skills” are vital for achieving your desired outcomes. When I say research, I mean research yourself more.

Are you the type of person that has good organisation and time management skills? Or are you weak in that area ?
What is it that contributes to that element of you ?
What can be changed in order to move towards your goal or outcome ?
When you take an account of your life you gather a better image of what you need to change in order to achieve more. It may just be a small area of your life, such as making sure you have enough energy to complete the goals you desire. Perhaps your diet is poor and you know that you need to eat better. What foods will serve you and so on.


Find out what makes you tick and start ticking! Whatever it is you need to change about your life, start doing it today. Start making the changes that you deserve and stop settling for a poor excuse for a lifestyle that makes you unhappy. When you understand the personality that you have you can start to develop strategies that help you choose to bring out the best in you.
If you are positioning yourself for a specific outcome, research it.


Start looking at what is required from you in order for you to achieve the outcome. If your goal is to be financially free, then read stories of people that have overcome poverty to become free from the burden of having to worry about money. Don’t be afraid to ask fo help from people that have taken the responsibility to develop a method of living that allows them to live their purpose, and experience their lives the way they want it.


If you don’t have an objective in life, any cause will do. Setting objectives and creating Action Plans are a sure way of positioning yourself for the success that you truly desire.

Making definite plans are as effective as living your goal. When you set objectives and create action plans, you make a commitment to move yourself towards achieving your goal. Setting objectives and making action plans are detailed blueprints of your journey towards success. Develop a method of setting out your plans. Make sure they are conducive and manageable, and that they serve you throughout the differing stages of your life journey.


Make plans that empower you to move closer to your desired outcome.

Remember, when you set out a plan, you can use it as a barometer for your success, because you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands – your own.

There will be times when you fall off with your planning, and you may allow other factors such as adversity to get in the way, but remember, adversity causes some men to break, others to break records, and you always have your plan or objective to fall back on.

However, your route may no doubt be without complication and pain, you may even imagine that the goal is far too big for you during your journey. However, this is normal. Perhaps the plans you have made to date were general and involved outcomes that have allowed you to manage the present situation that you are in. When you become more specific with your outcomes, you develop a sense of certainty that you will achieve that particular goal. The more specific your planning is, the more likely you are to understand what you are required to do in order to get the results you want from your life.So be encouraged, grab a piece of paper and start writing down what you want from your life, The planning must start today as tomorrow will be someone else’s plan.

MAKING DECISIONS – That Support Your Outcomes Are Important.

Choose the decisions that empower you and move you towards your goal. Stop making decisions that take you off course. It’s so simple to make decisions that support you in the moment, but don’t serve you in the long term. Make decisions that create change in your life. The type of change that breaks patterns and disrupts habits. These decisions are often painful but the life changing effects are indeed powerful.

When you start making decisions that support your goal/ outcome, you begin to notice that you become more in line with your desires. Your position changes from passenger to driver and now you can decide wether to keep driving down the road your on, or you can turn and go in a new direction, whenever you want to.

In any case, decide to make decisions that move you in the direction that you require. Sometimes you may have to make decisions about areas of your life that will involve great pain, decisions such as friendships and relationships. You may have put these types of decisions off for many years, as intrinsically you know they will most definitely produce change in your lifeTaking Care Of Yourself – Your Health Is Your Wealth.

LOOK AFTER YOURSELF EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY. Your health is everything. It must be the number one priority in your life. You must be at your best in order to complete the task of your life. Life itself is demanding and you need all the energy and stamina to make the difference not only in your life, but the lives of the people around you. BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF.

When you think about your health, what springs to mind ?
Are there areas in your health that you know that you could improve ?
Are you getting the most from yourself ?
Ask yourself this on a regular basis and take the action you need to develop the physiology and the psychology that will support your goal or outcome.


Making the change in your diet can make all the difference, and it doesn’t take long to reap the benefits of health and vitality. It may mean that you focus more on foods that energise you and help you focus instead of foods that make you tired and un-resourceful. Far too often we see people in the prime of their lives pass away because of a lack of focus on health. Make the time to look at your diet and remove the foods that don’t serve you, and replace them with foods that give you the edge you need.


The quality of your communication equates to the quality of your life. Profound but true. How are you communicating your way through life ?
Are you sending out the right messages in order to attract the things you want ?

The way you communicate will have a massive impact on the results you receive. Your outcomes will become more defined and your goals more achievable. When you communicate effectively you are able to reach the people that you need to help you with your outcome. Take the time to look at the way you communicate. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Is there any areas of your communication that you could improve on to help you to move to the next level


Take a workshop or find a mentor that has the communication skills that you need to develop. When your communication is effective, you will cause others to listen more to your requirements. This will indeed increase your chances of success