We at FOAM believe that when it comes to social media and content creation, you should be able to experience networking in a positive and productive way. With so many social media platforms being targeted with fake news and abusive material, also many of the popular video platforms manipulating and monetising content with little or no remuneration to the contributor, our mission became to create a platform that allows its users to feel safe knowing that they are part of a growing community of socially responsible individuals that value real connections and real news.

The way many of us currently use social media and content creation is changing every day. Many of the existing platforms that we have grown used to are increasingly focusing on reducing specific content that they deem to be harmful to their wider community. They decide and dictate what can be communicated on these platforms. Much of this information is open to criticism as the trend for fake news continues to become the new norm.

At FOAM we moderate all of our content to keep it real and safe for people of all ages. We are a fully safeguarded platform. Our team are constantly checking the platform is and remains one of the best places to manage your social media and creative content.

Freedom Of Adverse Media is also dedicated to raising awareness, and have a huge library of motivational, educational content that’s perfect for people of all ages.

Finally imagine earning points that you can convert into charitable donations every time you post your favourite content.

Imagine being able to accrue a sum that you can send directly to a charity of your choice?

When you register on FOAM you immediately become a part of a growing community that takes back the power to be socially responsible for what is posted, uploaded and shared online.

It is truly a great time to be able to say with a full heart 

“Power To The People!’