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Our highly experienced team will take your film or animation from Concept to Planning to Production and Delivery.  We add value creatively and in quality every step of that journey. We also know a heck of a lot about making video that works.

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We work socially and responsibly, and work to empower people through our training programs

Paul McKenzie

PAUL MCKENZIE is a professional Public Speaker, life coach/ NLP Master Practitioner, Standup Comedian. Three interesting and rewarding talents that have allowed him to produce changes in the lives of hundreds of clients over the last 15 years.


Shirley Jackson
Marketing Director

Collaborating developing and producing events of all shapes & sizes across the globe, Shirley fostered her inner creativity and grew her skills as an events professional.  As a marketing communications and event specialist she can bring more than twenty-five years of experience to her clients.   She has over the years gained valuable expertise working with agencies, corporate and nonprofit organisations.

Graphic design and presentation specialist with highly advanced graphic design skills. Expertise in the creation of a multitude of advertising artwork, bespoke presentation design, templates, brochures and a vast range of corporate marketing literature. She is also responsible for building and designed the FOAM website and has produced many other sites for her clients over the years. Shirley is organised, proactive, highly-self-motivated, fantastic team player, dedicated and committed, accustomed to liaising at all levels. She also understands software systems and has set up a successful on line radio station which broadcasts globally with DJs from across the world. She also founded Youth Unity and is now firmly part of FOAM (Freedom of ALL Media.
Teri McKenzie
Public Relations
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Ayse Oliver
Production Co-Ordinator
Riyad Hacib
Anchor Man / Reporter
Steve Cooke
IT Manager
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