The time has come for us to unite join FOAM and take back the power join a platform that is fun, safe and secure, FOAM is for the people and run by the people

FOAM is the new way to connect with friends and family without “BIG BROTHER” and endless adverts interrupting and feeding you what they want you to see

We understand no one wants to leave all the major social media platforms, well at least not yet, so we have given you the power to import content from the major platforms, videos, music podcasts, all of it … however you can upload to us directly

FOAM is free from endless adverts with no media or government monitoring plus we are FREE from ALGORHYTMS

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Different options on how to create content channels to engage audiences

Upload your all your skills, projects, build a business profile or a profile for fun, a great way to connect with likeminded people

Our aim is to build a network globally a place to unite people from all backgrounds and cultures, lets learn about our differences and build a way to unite us through the internet>


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