Freedom Of All Media On Demand Viewer Agreement

Last Updated: January 20th 2020

This FOAM On Demand Viewer Agreement is a part of FOAM’s Terms of Service and covers purchases of content on FOAM On Demand.

Title by Title Viewing.

You may purchase videos on a title-by-title basis, either on a “rent” or “buy” basis, for a one-time fee (displayed at the point of purchase), plus any taxes).

If you “rent” a video, you will have the right to stream it an unlimited number of times during your rental period (displayed at the time of purchase).

If you “buy” a video, you will have the right to stream it an unlimited number of times for so long as it is available on FOAM On Demand. If the seller permits download, you may download the video file and retain a single copy for your personal use.


You may purchase subscriptions to video channels for a recurring fee (displayed at the time of purchase). Upon payment of the initial fee, you may stream videos available in that channel during your subscription period.

Your subscription will automatically renew for the same period of time as your initial subscription period (e.g., month, year) until you cancel automatic renewal. Your payment method will be charged the subscription fee (plus any applicable taxes) at the beginning of each renewal period. You may cancel automatic renewal any time by adjusting your settings.

Viewing Restrictions. You may stream videos that you have purchased (whether by “rent,” “buy,” or subscription) for your personal viewing purposes. You may not: (a) transmit or distribute any video through any means; (b) publicly exhibit any video; (c) resell views of any video; or (d) allow others to log into your FOAM account for the purpose of watching a video. All rights not granted are expressly reserved by FOAM and each seller.

Content Availability.

Videos are provided on an as-available basis. Freedom Of All Media does not guarantee that any particular video will be available for streaming or download after purchase. If a video becomes unavailable for any reason, FOAM may, without penalty, eliminate or reduce the amount of time you have to stream the video.

Videos may be offered for sale in different formats (e.g, SD, HD, 4K, etc.). Your ability to stream a video in a particular format will depend upon your device and the bandwidth of your Internet connection.

Some videos may not be available for viewing on all devices or in all territories. Please check the FOAM On Demand page for details before purchase.

Titles are made available to the purchasers exclusively through their FOAM account. You must maintain your account in good standing in order to stream purchased videos. If your account is deleted, you will lose the ability to watch videos that you have purchased. Under no circumstances will we transfer viewing privileges to other accounts or platforms.

Refund Policy. All purchases are final and non-refundable. Refunds are not available for, among other things, partial subscription periods or unwatched videos. Notwithstanding the foregoing, FOAM has the right, but not obligation to, in its sole discretion, issue refunds if it determines that the circumstances warrant a refund.

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