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👑 Magnificent Monday Shout Out! 👑

My MMSO this week has to go to an awesome community Brother-King whose has shown incredible commitment, love and compassion for his people – Paul Mckenzie

This award-winning creative is driven with fervor and passion that begins and ends with young people. He is a professional public speaker, life coach, NLP Master Practitioner, stand-up comedian, producer, photographer, videographer and filmmaker.

His journey has involved drugs education with primary and secondary school children, setting up the SuperYou Academy, an after-school project for children, developing the platform Soapbox through video shorts highlighting the dangers of youth violence, grooming and a gazillion community campaigns along with giving voices to and highlighting grass roots organisations.

His knowledge and training around young people and the issues that many experience has had audiences eating out of the palm of his hand – youth, parents, community members, even the Met Police. His regular Facebook Live platform ‘Elephant in the Room’ gives the audience the opportunity to vent, discuss or simply just learn about topical or controversial issues. Ever the innovator, Paul recently developed a platform called FOAM20: for the people by the people, which is a safe social media space for young people who are being groomed, and for men and women who are experiencing domestic violence.

A mega move for this media genius. Paul has been working with groups of young people, some with physical and mental challenges and supported them to produce short powerful films that highlighted and captured everyday young people’s stories. His most engaging films have been about grooming, gang violence and abuse. Three of his film shorts are: Sick (2019), Crippled Karma (2019) and William (2020). His film ‘Karma’ was recently voted Best Thriller Short in the Los Angeles Independent Short Awards. A mega accomplishment from this Tottenham original!

Facebook family please show some well deserved respect and love to Paul Mckenzie 👑


CRIPPLED KARMA Independent Short Film Award

In 2019 we started a youth film project. A project that would be different, a film that would challenge limitations.

The main character Abdi Omar pushed himself beyond all expectations to star in this film. It was an absolute pleasure for us to help him to be an actor, a dream that he has always had. For the others involved, a massive big up! What an absolute pleasure to have worked with you all!!

Big shouts to everyone involved with the filming, production, acting, script writing, everything that it took to produce this short film, all an amazing team effort! 

This short film was put together with zero budget and zero funding, it was produced and filmed with a passion for making a change about making an investment of time and passion to alter the narrative and address the current trend of serious youth violence. This short film by Paul Mckenzie asks the question. What happens to the victims of violence?

“Addressing serious violence is always important” 

Far too often there are victims of senseless violence that feel that they have no voice. This follows the journey of a group of individuals that through destiny are reunited for all the wrong reasons. 

With the level of serious violence on our streets and in our houses, this short film is an insight into what a victim may feel like, and more strikingly what a victim would consider to be justice.

The film was made as a tool to teach young people and adults that we must take a different perspective when we consider how victims of violence are affected long term. 

The story follows the different lives of five attackers. It also focuses on the misuse of social media. The cast are varied in ability, with the main actor disabled. 

There are two cast members with autism

full details of the cast can be found here


Abdi Omar – A true inspiration!

Abdi Omar is 27 years old and he has cerebral palsy however despite that Abdi Omar inspires & motivates all types of people.
Abdi is also a filmmaker and edits his videos. He created his own company called The AAC Support Network to provide services to people who use communication devices to talk and their family.
Abdi uses a communication aid called Accent 1400 which he controls with his head to talk because it is difficult for him to speak normally. He started his own YouTube channel in 2012 August and now he reached 500,000 views in total.
He is heavily involved within Somali community and 28 August 2014 he was recognised by Number 10 Downing Street. He has recently been given an award for working within the Somali community.
Abdi Omar has always dreamt about speaking in front of an audience since he started making motivational speeches on YouTube.
In 2017 he achieved it by attending events as a public speaker. Without a doubt 2018 and 2019 were the best years for Abdi Omar as a motivational speaker the reason is, he was invited to speak at universities, colleges, schools and a variety of different events.
Now Abdi Omar is inspired to be the first United Nation Disabled Ambassador. Current he is studying BSc counselling and coaching at London Metropolitan.

Abdi also played one of the key leading Actors in our film Karma, and was a joy to work with and such an inspiration