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Voices of Covid

The impact of COVID-19 is all around us.  Life as we know it has changed dramatically over the past few months.

The Foam team went boldly where no other film crew has been post covid19 – to the Romford city shopping centre (Mercury), to capture some of the voices of the people  – and give those who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity, a chance to have their say. The diverse narratives we felt, were raw and real, we could have never anticipated the youngsters and especially elders, who were surprisingly the first to step up bravely to the camera, to speak about their experiences during Covid19. In fact the elderly were amongst the least afraid to engage freely with the project and talk with us. Perhaps life has taught them something that we’re yet to learn.

The youngsters however, seemed to show that they still had that fire in their bellies, but needed desperately to make sense of their ever changing world.

All in all, It was absolutely great catching up with the community of Romford – what a lovely lot you are.

Many thanks to everyone who took part, and special thanks to The Mercury, (Romford city shopping centre) for the opportunity to host such a worthwhile initiative.

This short video is a collective of just some of the people we interviewed on the day, and we will be uploading more over the next few weeks. And many people are feeling the effects on the way we feel about reintegration back into schools, colleges and employment and it is affecting the way we live and our mental health. FOAM20 recently hosted a weekend pop up film station at the Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford where we invited the general public to have a voice and tell us exactly what they think on the pandemic, how they feel, how it is affecting their lives and the community that they live in … let us know what you think!! All participants featured all signed the relevant copyright documents enabling us to feature in our short documentary.



FOAM20 are working in collaboration with UBELE to deliver this amazing project

BAME Millennials Navigating Space Under Lockdown’ project 

the overall objective is to create and produce a short film that highlights the plight of young people between the ages of 18-30 years old

During COVID-19 there are a lot of BAME young people that are under represented in terms of their needs and their voices
The challenges faced by this group makes if difficult to gauge the true impact of Issues such as The Corona Virus and the changes that affect our every day lives. 

The restrictions around Lockdown have  also posed challenges with mental health and an increase in online use

We aim to support this group of young people in creating powerful short  stories and a short film about their personal experience over a period of four months starting December 2020

Freedom Of Adverse Media is a media company that was designed especially for hosting content in a secure and safeguarded way. Here participants can easily manage their content in an environment that is conducive with raising awareness and training

The majority of the content currently hosted is regularly used for motivational and training purposes

The approach we are adapting towards this project is to assist the team and participants in managing all media content relating to the production of the short film and documentation.



FOAM20 are responsible for the delivery of creative workshops, film editing and a website to drive the final short documentary.  If you would like to be informed of the final production please leave a comment below.