Max Green


Max J Green was born in 1997. Max is an YouTuber and Actor best known for Holby City, Doctors and The National Autistic Society Campaign – Could You Stand the Rejection, which trended all across the world and has been views by over 10 million people.

Max has been on YouTube since 2009 and this really helped him with his confidence, he enjoys acting and making videos. He has always wanted to act and is very passionate about it. He wants to show people you can do anything if you put your mind to it and wants to act because that is his dream.

Max has been in many productions, but is mostly known for Holby City and Doctors. On Holby City Max played a young man called Stephen Holting who suffered with ASD (Autism spectrum disorder). In Doctors Max played a young man called Paul Allen who was trying to take care of a friend who was involved in domestic abuse. Max announced on his YouTube channel in 2016 he has ASD in real life along with OCD and ADHD, but he has learned how to cope with his disorder over the years as he has got older. Max’s ASD is more on the Asperges spectrum rather than the Autistic spectrum which Max’s Character Stephen in Holby City had suffered with. Max is very versatile and cannot only play parts that relate to his condition but can play many other parts as well.

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