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Dalvin Fadahunsi


My name is Dalvin Fadahunsi, I’m an upcoming actor. I attended identity school of acting for a year in a half, gained a lot of experience. But left because I felt I was ready for the industry. Acting has always been apart of my life, going from a quiet kid who said nothing at all to performing monologues etc to audiences, directors and so fourth. I remember watching wild wild west growing up as a kid and men in black, star wars, Harry Potter etc, and said to myself, “I want to do that one day”, be in a film and leave people, touched, inspired, scared, thrilled etc. Watching films actually gave me the confidence to start speaking to people interacting with friends just by me mimicking actors, singers, rappers. Anyone who I admired. What drives me everyday is me knowing where I’ve come from internally and mentally which is not the best of places. But believing in myself that I can change my circumstance and my families, if I stay focus and positive. I’m always going to Big up Jack O’Connell from Derby, his unapologetic characters he plays on screen are breath taking, I remember how I felt after watching ‘starred up’ the film his in and plays a protagonist. I’m like this guy came from a council estate like me, got into similar life situations as me, and made it out.. Why can’t I do that? What’s my excuse? So yeah. That’s why I go hard everyday.

Crippled karma created and directed by Paul McKenzie
I am pregnant directed by Weike
William directed and created by Paul McKenzie

Paul is a cool guy like for real. I remember the first time I met him he had this vibe about him… This powerful, bright, ora that made me say to myself, “I want to be around him” . I’m firm believer in everything happens for a reason, and Paul coming into my life and giving me a platform and opportunity I can’t take for granted. Paul is a friend, an uncle and a mentor. That’s why ‘crippled karma’ the film he created and directed was a masterpiece, that’s art. On set of ‘crippled karma’ , btw done with no budget, but passion with vision and won an award in LA what more can I say. Back to what I was saying on the set of ‘crippled karma’ was a really great experience he would bring us together as a family and shares which direction he wants us to go in and is open minded for suggestions. We try different ways to see if we can create a true moment which represents the story. Every-time I work with Paul, there’s no limit, what helps on set is he believes in me, the cast, how can we not deliver a great performance. I feel if a director and actor click together, greatness will happen.

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