Rhino In The Room: The hospitality industry has taken the impact of Lockdown

The Rhino In The Room Podcast Series

The Rhino In The Room Podcast Series: It’s not hard to see just how much we are all feeling the impact of the restrictions and lockdown. You don’t have to be a business owner or wealthy to notice that our way of life has changed. There are a lot of industries that have had to close their doors because they are not classified as essential.

Sure we all know that if we are to be truly socially responsible we would all just accept that this is the current state we are in. Never before has the phase tarred with the same brush been more relevant. The overall cost of this pandemic will be felt for a very long time yet.

As humans we have all had to adjust our way of life Since the first lockdown . For some it has meant that they continue to work and school from home, with the ever increasing platforms that offer a way of virtually connecting, why would be miss the comforts of hiking into work everyday when we can simply log on to a device in the comfort of our homes.

My fear is that we will all become complacent on tech and forget what it’s like to actually attend a meeting in person. The need to improve the way we communicate is at the top of the list for almost every tech giant. We are moving at such a pace that it often makes me wonder if we will ever return to what we have forgotten as normal.

Hmm, normal? Can anyone remind me of how that felt?

We are coming up to the one year mark for lockdown and I for one cannot help feeling the sense of an underlined conditioning that will have a harsh impact of the idea of meeting up with old pals or jumping on an aeroplane will all soon become distant memories that we reflect on in from of a screen.

Those nights of reckless clubbing or the hint of a quick drink with the boys, may well be done.

Out of any adversity should rise a Phoenix, a metaphor of hope and overcoming.

We must all grow from this. We must all become new and flexible if we are to fit into the new criteria of society. For many of us, adapting to the change will pose its many challenges, obstacles that we never looked at as possible to overcome are now just daily routines to remain sane in lock down.

The hospitality industry is one of the businesses that have really taken it on the chin. This industry spans across almost every other industry in some way. It used to be the industry that linked all the monotony together and mashed it into an alternative to the day to day chaos that we were all used to.

This series of Podcast is dedicated to exploring how the lockdown has affected people in the entertainment and music industries, the people that make us smile, cry and dance the night away to old school classics.

We are speaking to the people that mixed their way to reasonably good standard of living, playing music all over the world, entertaining hundreds of thousands of people each year, and also the people that organised those events that made the experience so memorable.

Music has the ability to heal the world..

Paul Mckenzie

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