FRREE empowerment for women

Being FRREE Is Your Birth-Right🦋✨

Remember as women, we are constantly being called to- loving ourselves again, through the transformative power of life – The Source of All that is.

FRREE – Our world has created a false unrealistic image of what Women are supposed to ‘look like’ and ‘act like… So many women are convinced and buy into the illusion and settle for a false self perception of themselves.

In my view, it’s a messed up heirachial system when it forces all women to deal with unrealistic and harmful beauty standards.

And then to expect all women to base their self-worth on the way they look – or, rather, the way in which the way they look garners them attention and approval from men.

We need to stop measuring ourself against media definitions. Now is a good time for Self-realisation/ acceptance and self-love – healing self-hate.

Because the truth is that every Woman was not created to be slim, neither did we all queue up for larger backsides, you either have it in your genes or you don’t!

You owe it to yourself to be yourself, whether you have a flawless complexion and long flowing hair, none of this can make you more.

Work on things people can’t take away from you… things like your character, personality, transparency – your entire being.

Don’t let the world dictate to you.


As women we need to embrace every bit of ourselves – from our tiger stripes to the soft flesh of our thighs, whether there’s a little bit of us or a lot, whether freckles cover our face or not, whether our curves are plentiful or slim,

Whatever our hair texture – thick, curly or thin.

Do you realise that you inherited your grancester’s souls and smiles… That your eyes carry countries that breathed life into history…

That the swing of your hips does not determine your destiny.

Women should never listen when bodies are critiqued… Because every woman’s body is beautiful, and every woman’s soul is unique.

I think women’s stories are as powerful, inspiring and terrifying as the goddess herself.

We Know Her Because We Are Her.

Each womb-manifestation, no matter how powerless she might feel, is a cell within Her vast form – an embodiment of Her Essence, and each woman’s story is just a chapter in the biography of the Sacred Feminine.

The painful truth is that “cut and paste” values don’t make an “Honest Woman” of you. What’s in your heart does. You have to “be” the “change” you wish to see in your world.

“You are the light of the world.

Supporting other women will never be a second thought for me, indeed it’s a pleasure. No matter how similar or how different. I feel we must stick together to stand together. We must love one another to grow with each other, it’s simple, erase competition, start connecting and really championing each other’s success.

Perhaps not every woman was intended to juggle a career as well as all of the other joys of being a Wife, Mother, Citizen, and Daughter.

Single women should not be made to feel they are missing something because they are not Married. Married women should not be made to feel they must have a career to be complete. We must allow ourselves the freedom to be and express our unique selves…

We women are strong and we are not so easily broken by circumstances of life. Each of us carry our own amazingly powerful stories.

We cry in our hearts. Yet we retain beautiful smiles on our faces. We are over-comers. There’s no situation that we can not handle. People hate us. Men leave us. But we still remain strong and more beautiful. We are like roses that stay red forever, that will never dry.

From our earliest years, we have been taught to find meaning by attaching emotions to situations, and then we make an “hide-entity” for ourselves with these. The problem with this is that we are more than our feelings!

Nearly all of our interpersonal relationships are rooted in our childhood; most of which we are not encouraged to talk openly about, and so as we grow-up, we start to sort our personality into piles of “good” and “bad.” We banish the bad aspects to the subconscious, and we try our best to resist and suppress them, until they become shadows that we are desperate to keep hidden…

These are the very same circumstances which come to judge us later on in life, acting as ‘Emotional Triggers’, that can create a turbulence of bigger conflicting issues, especially if not checked.

By placing these emotions, we have unknowingly given credence to these attachments, making them matter more so than others – hence the bondage of the limited individual suffering.

The essence of life is connectedness, you haven’t lived until you’ve loved with all that you are.

Know that you are more than your cognitive behaviour, which can be changed or impaired in a given moment. What does not kill you, only makes you stronger!

Emotions are neither good or bad, although we are commonly judged by them; they arise to provide information about how we see a specific situation. All emotions happen for a reason, they serve as a result of our perception of an event.

Know that you are the best judge of how you feel, because your emotions help to organise your behaviour and set you free – in motion to accomplish your goals, they should never be ignored.

We must be mindful in our unethical search for “good” and “bad”, “right and wrong”- that we don’t miss the magic of “Just Being”.

2021 found me partially muted and faced with the disturbing truths and sinister imagings rising to my awareness to be dismantled at this time. I was triggered by a message addressing sexual abuse, that was apparently rife, in a South London community.

I suppose I was prepared for a time such as this… I for one didn’t look away, because I felt it was time for the dark to come out in order for this great change to find completion.

I was shocked, that I hadn’t even remembered myself, and the trauma I had suppressed until now!

But I was reminded of the importance of remaining in my ‘observer mind’… This feels difficult as information can be devastatingly overwhelming to process and come to terms with, especially in the heart of the empathic, however it is critical.

Supported by my wonderful husband, family and a few close friends. I felt compelled to share my experience to raise awareness, and hold space for other women.

I was called to go within my beautiful heart-space and love myself all over again, deeper than ever before.

These horrors, as difficult as it may seem must be acknowledged, witnessed and processed yes, however not absorbed into your divine field.

We need to light a candle for the violators who cannot live with the truth, and survivors who cannot live without it. Then there are those who are poised to invalidate and deny us.

If we don’t assert our truth, it may again be regulated to fantasy, and more self defence classes for women. But the truth won’t go away. It will keep surfacing until it is recognised. TRUTH will outlast any campaigns mounted against it, no matter how mighty, clever or long. It is invincible. It’s only a matter of which generation is brave enough to face it. And in so doing, protect future generations from ritual abuse.

Letting go is part of the process, and you don’t have to go it alone…

By whichever means you can mindfully keep your vibratory field as high as possible, it is encouraged now, more-so than ever – you divine beauties and beings of pure light!

Talking of which, an angel came in the form of my sistar Zoe Pennent (aka The Sage) … who I’d met previously, (five years earlier) at a sistar-circle. Zoe was on a similar path, and had already developed a program called, 11 Pathways To Healing Self.

I highly recommend her program, it offers tremendous support and relief for anyone suffering from sexual trauma.

Sexual abuse occurs in every community…

But not every community responds to survivors of sexual abuse in a compassionate and supportive manner.

It’s not spoken nor tackled enough… It effects your whole life and anyone attached to your life….

Sexual abuse can actually effect whole family cycles and communities! if it’s not brought out into the open and sorted…. To anyone who’s going through this cycle please speak out…

One in four girls will experience sexual abuse by the time she is sixteen, and 48 percent of all rapes involve a young woman under the age of eighteen. It’s not surprising then, that in a society where sexual abuse of young women is rampant, many women never share their stories. They remain hidden and invisible.

“When you empower a woman you empower an entire community”

As an awakened being, I knew that was so not my path. Choosing the path of truth, I was gifted with the opportunity to be the change.

Speaking my truth, cleared the way for me to develop an initiative called FRREE: Feminine Recovering & Reclaiming Essential Empowerment.

The incentive is to offer an empowering, fun program that aims to support women survivors of sexual trauma and also challenges the disempowering beliefs and values held by women in todays society.

FRREE will be podcasting real soon, with the aim to assist you on your healing journeys – providing balance and looking in depth at our Mental/ Social and Spiritual health; and especially how we are defined and impacted principally.

“Metaphysics is action taken to heal, correct, or change something. Mysticism is the realisation that there is nothing to heal, correct or change. Are You Ready to become modern day mystics. Those who live in the world but are not of it.”

Travellers don’t look for the path, they realise the path is forged as you walk in your truth…

We need only to seek to know ourselves better! Now is the time to be your higher-Self, to know how to transmute sufferings into consciousness, and disaster into enlightenment.

We are now being given the serenity to accept the things we can’t change and the wisdom to know the difference between what has readily become associated as our true, boundless-Self and the otherwise – pains, growing – out of a sociocultural system of accepted beliefs, that have been controlling our behaviour for millennia. Inevitably, we must out grow this false self-perception and move through our pains- (so to speak) this is the only way we can be truly healed and achieve the greater peace and balance that is necessary to flower and live our maximum potential. 🌹

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… Love in abundance ~ Teri Mckenzie 🦋✨

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