2020 ViSiON

… The eyes see all, but the mind shows us what we want to see.

Without a vision, how will the people flourish?…

2020 ViSiON.. The current collective vision of the people has been severely impaired – blurred – veiled, scattered by design to deliberately keep people distracted and controlled using promulgated memes (propaganda) and scaremongering … And as long as you keep maintaining the nature of a broken society, that seeks to inject fear, pain and suffering as a fundamental property, (through war disease, death, destruction, hunger, filth, poverty, torture, crime and corruption)- that is desensitised and over sexualised, and is over subscribed to “bs”, (Belief Systems) that feed into massive artificial intelligence networks, then you really need to look into why things are concealed and concocted to begin with…

At a certain stage, (unlike the world stage) in oneself-realisation, when one decides to awaken to the play of consciousness on this evolutionary path, we reach a level where we no longer need to be guided or told what to do… We see the world as a multidimensional reality, so we understand that there are multidimensional truths to discover, and we have the ability to change our beliefs based on new information.

At lower level, it is full with unconsciousness, competitiveness and greed. At a higher level it is full with Beauty, Bliss and Divinity.

We remember to learn to think for ourselves, seeing through the facades of technological advancements and are able to focus on accessing higher dimensions; without denying our shadows – we are able to look the brutal – yet paradoxical truth about this world, straight in the eye.

For example, we may have chosen to forget the true nature of ourselves, so that we could play the scenario of remembering who we are. Perhaps that’s why we get “(wake up calls)” to learn lessons from playing many specific roles in our human avatar. However the school of thought, in this “energetic gestalt”, it’s always best to take the truth pill…

You are an expression of eternal being…

Nothing real can be threatened.

And so, the spiritual journey involves going beyond hope and fear – walking through the shadows (beyond persona) – raising your self-esteem and stepping confidently into unknown territory, continually moving forward. The most important aspect of being on the spiritual path may be just to keep moving – drawing on your own insight.

Insight is not a matter of memory of knowledge and time, which are all thought.

All is mental, and many people will no doubt find it hard to come to terms with the obscure reset, as new pathological disorders of the body and mind start to manifest; but for the one who seeks to transcend duality – to reconnect with their wholeness, there will always be a pull – an attraction to the magic of solitude.

One can be instructed in society, but greatly inspired in solitude…

They are able to be whatever is needed in the moment. They are aware that when crossing the threshold into a space that the subconscious knows can offer growth – it will often bring up a resistance.

The truth is more important than facts. There’s a world of a difference between truth and fact. The truth hurts, because it threatens your beliefs; but if you can learn to accept it, it will set you free to grow-stronger… Facts can obscure the truth.

2020 is calling for “SEERs” – the freethinking-magical brave!

However statistically, many didn’t cut the grade, because they simply did not see 2020 coming!… Frozen in time, they’ve become set in their minds; because some of us are just not consciously prepared to evolve from old mind-programming yet, and so may not even be aware of what is really happening, let alone what is being revealed (in plain sight) – because they are virtually asleep…

People usually see what they want to see, and in most cases, what they are told to See…

Consequently, it’s all just a matter of Awareness, whether ones interested in having a well informed perception – or misconception, which most clearly lies with mainstream media deception….

Everything we hear is an opinion, not facts. Everything you see is perception, not absolute truth.

Remember each of you have your own opinion (Your Thoughts Create Your Reality) – your perspective of truth. Nobody has to be wrong for you to be right. I find that what is right for one is usually wrong for other, don’t you?… And that’s OK. We can still agree to disagree.

That’s because we are all one unique piece of consciousness-awakening from the chronological-nature of this world view.

You don’t need to shoot other people for peace, LOVE does it so much better.

You are set free whenever you love-even those who believe you’re crazy.

The most important gift is reclaiming our adaptive capacity as beings, we have a unique gift to be able to adapt and adjust to massive changes and massive traumas. We have survived paper law and digital law, if we’re going back to natural law, we don’t wait for the train, we blaze our own trails.

The power has been with the people all along…

Trust that there is indeed a Divine Plan unfolding (within you) that cannot be stopped by those who do not want the world to awaken.

NOW is always the time to move into a culture of peace. This is what we need to promote, the idea is that, we all need each other, and that the greatest happiness in life is not about how much things we have, but how much we are willing to give for our collective freedoms.

That is a wealth that’s priceless, because you simply cannot purchase that kind of love and compassion anywhere in this world.

However unwittingly, we may have been complicit in our own domestication – learning to glean our unique perspectives from our reactions to the Language/Symbolism that saturates our world – The which is embedded subconsciously into the fabric of our SOCiETY – ( it’s a trade from Sovereignty Freedoms, for Pathetically Correction) and has successfully alienated and manipulated many peoples senses to the point where most remain predictively programmed (under the word spells) to just follow suit and obey in most cases. We simply forget that we live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s a massive cop out to say “It’s not my child, not my community, not my problem.” Then there are those who just see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes…

Freedom lies throughout the constructed pattern of society; so to be free of that pattern you have to understand the whole content of it; which is to understand the nature of your own mind.

Indeed the the time-keepers are challenging us to change with the times. But somehow, during the process of trying to deny that things are always changing, we can lose our sense of the sacredness of life. We can tend to forget that our eyes have been naturalised to the deficit of this new world – in order to force us to function as a citizen within it…

However, what we think is a crucible to creating our own story and we each have a responsibility; seeing that we are an integral part of the natural scheme of things.

You are an expression of eternal being…

Nothing real can be threatened.

Moreover, if you believe that others are enforcing their opinions on you, then you need to choose whether it’s correct for your livelihood – and it’s really OK to just say NO! If you realise that it’s not. Don’t be afraid to challenge any “straw-man” by living your sovereign truth.

Silence in the face of atrocity is not neutrality; silence in the face of atrocity is acquiescence.

The general idea 💡 is that “Sticks and stones may continue to break my bones, but words … that stem from thoughts and actions, based on values rather than personal gain – are only for the brave!…

So instead we draw swords blindly from our consensus reality, which is primarily made up of the “Mass Culturally Controlled Thought-Forms”, (programmed ideas) – Self Activating Software, that offers you a mere version/vision, that is widely accepted and copied – quite often without even questioning the integrity of it all.

A truly conscious being is one who questions everything. They know the power of their thoughts and they are mindful. They know what they need to explore and they maturely put it down to experience.

Everything we hear is an opinion, not facts. Everything you see is perception, not absolute truth.

Once you become consciously aware of just how powerful your thoughts are… You will realise and understand that everything in your life is exactly how you allow it to be…

You are the light of the world.

Therefore, “If thy eye be one, then thy whole body shall be filled with light.”

Consider, that our ‘right eye’ sees one thing, and our ‘left eye’ sees another, but when these two eyes meet a “Third Eye” is formed – the One Eye, and that shall fill You with Light.

Your spiritual eyes and ears are already open, seeing and hearing in all dimensions… God is the awareness within unlimited eyes and ears to every dimension. So seeing and hearing with your spiritual eyes and ears would be your willingness to look and listen in every dimension – to expand your perception.

We avoid seeing spiritually when we turn away and say, “I don’t want to look at that,” or “I don’t like what I’m hearing,” or “I don’t see it that way.”

If you want to open up yourself spiritually, and begin to discern from your inner-being, then you need to demonstrate that you can handle, balance what you sense and SEE.

It’s true that when you look at life through eyes of GRATITUDE, the world becomes a magical and amazing place; because the discovery that peace, happiness, and love are ever-present within our own being, and completely available at every moment of experience, under all conditions – is the most important discovery anyone can make.

So let’s just suppose for a moment that we don’t see with our physical eyes – that we have no single “Point Of View“, but can see clearly from all places at once, that is EnlightenmentInsight – the ability to see through Spirit and Truth- CLAiRLY.

… The eyes see all, but the mind shows us what we want to see.

To say that the eye signifies the understanding, is because the ‘sight’ of the ‘body’ corresponds to the sight of its innermost-SELF, which is the Understanding/Seeing; and because it corresponds as one thing, it is understood and signified by the (I) Eye – This is Balance.

The EYE then, is (a source of spiritual, Intellectual inspiration) the ‘Lamp Of The Body’. You draw light into your body through your eyes and light shines out to the world, through Your eyes …

So if your eye is well and shows you what is TRUE, then your whole body will be filled with LiGHT, and you won’t mind if we live in a programmed society where visionaries and freethinkers are called crazy! Because you understand that universal truth is not measured in mass appeal.

Let’s face it, Society is unfair by design.

We have been successfully conned by the straw-man. We can all be conned, but to what point do we realise, that we’re being conned and to what point do we allow ourselves, to be conned?..

A culture’s ability to understand the world and itself is critical to its survival. But today we are led by seers whose main gift is their ability to compel people to continue to watch them.

Our world may have changed, but the importance of integrity has not.

2020 calls for those timeless seers, who are willing to use their minds to change the “time bound scenery’ – and are ready to lend their hands in the building of wholesome infrastructure, without being prejudice and without fearing to understand things that contradict/ clash with their own customs, privileges or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but essential for right thinking.

Compassion is the gold of the new paradigm…

Be the change, be strong, be love where there is a lack of it. Enlighten with your knowledge and wisdom. Build longer tables, not taller fences. Be light in the darkness and don’t let the world bring you into its storm – Bring the world into your PEACE.

We are not victims of ageing, sickness and death. These are part of the scenery…

Open your Real-Eyes and see that it is your insight, and not your eye-sight, that must be healed if we wish to SEE CLAIRLY – and that only by seeing beyond our beliefs can we Truly – Consciously Change our WORLDs VISION, and witness our wildest dreams come true.

The world has seen enough of our darkness. now let’s show it our light.

Teri Mckenzie <3

Paul Mckenzie

Paul Mckenzie a real community here


👑 Magnificent Monday Shout Out! 👑

My MMSO this week has to go to an awesome community Brother-King whose has shown incredible commitment, love and compassion for his people – Paul Mckenzie

This award-winning creative is driven with fervor and passion that begins and ends with young people. He is a professional public speaker, life coach, NLP Master Practitioner, stand-up comedian, producer, photographer, videographer and filmmaker.

His journey has involved drugs education with primary and secondary school children, setting up the SuperYou Academy, an after-school project for children, developing the platform Soapbox through video shorts highlighting the dangers of youth violence, grooming and a gazillion community campaigns along with giving voices to and highlighting grass roots organisations.

His knowledge and training around young people and the issues that many experience has had audiences eating out of the palm of his hand – youth, parents, community members, even the Met Police. His regular Facebook Live platform ‘Elephant in the Room’ gives the audience the opportunity to vent, discuss or simply just learn about topical or controversial issues. Ever the innovator, Paul recently developed a platform called FOAM20: for the people by the people, which is a safe social media space for young people who are being groomed, and for men and women who are experiencing domestic violence.

A mega move for this media genius. Paul has been working with groups of young people, some with physical and mental challenges and supported them to produce short powerful films that highlighted and captured everyday young people’s stories. His most engaging films have been about grooming, gang violence and abuse. Three of his film shorts are: Sick (2019), Crippled Karma (2019) and William (2020). His film ‘Karma’ was recently voted Best Thriller Short in the Los Angeles Independent Short Awards. A mega accomplishment from this Tottenham original!

Facebook family please show some well deserved respect and love to Paul Mckenzie 👑


CRIPPLED KARMA Independent Short Film Award

In 2019 we started a youth film project. A project that would be different, a film that would challenge limitations.

The main character Abdi Omar pushed himself beyond all expectations to star in this film. It was an absolute pleasure for us to help him to be an actor, a dream that he has always had. For the others involved, a massive big up! What an absolute pleasure to have worked with you all!!

Big shouts to everyone involved with the filming, production, acting, script writing, everything that it took to produce this short film, all an amazing team effort! 

This short film was put together with zero budget and zero funding, it was produced and filmed with a passion for making a change about making an investment of time and passion to alter the narrative and address the current trend of serious youth violence. This short film by Paul Mckenzie asks the question. What happens to the victims of violence?

“Addressing serious violence is always important” 

Far too often there are victims of senseless violence that feel that they have no voice. This follows the journey of a group of individuals that through destiny are reunited for all the wrong reasons. 

With the level of serious violence on our streets and in our houses, this short film is an insight into what a victim may feel like, and more strikingly what a victim would consider to be justice.

The film was made as a tool to teach young people and adults that we must take a different perspective when we consider how victims of violence are affected long term. 

The story follows the different lives of five attackers. It also focuses on the misuse of social media. The cast are varied in ability, with the main actor disabled. 

There are two cast members with autism

full details of the cast can be found here


The Social Media Crisis

Social Media Crisis, It’s like an eroding subject that won’t go away. Social media is a massive part of life. It’s become such a large part of our lives that most of us cannot function normally without spending hours each day scrolling through the latest images of celebrity influencers and news fed to us through our mobile devices.

Years ago, I remember the excitement of getting my first mobile phone. The ability to be able to leave the house and take a phone call was like a gift from above. It allowed a freedom in communication that had never been experienced before. We have all seen the early movies of stock brokers and millionaires using these devices, but to have one in my possession was sublime.

The mobile phone revolution evolved so rapidly that it changed the way business and personal communication took place. Financial workforce’s became wizards over night and mobile phone owners literally became the talk of the community.

People would be given an allocated time to make phone calls free of charge during the evening and weekends. It became the craze!

I remember spending hours talking to people I didn’t even like, just because it was available. The fact that I could be away from the landline also meant that I could become creative with my location, it was truly exciting claiming to be in a meeting with exciting new people whilst stuck in my room with my phone stuck to the charger pretending to have a life.

It also meant that there was a sense of being on the road to bigger and better things. For me that feeling was very inspirational and enabling.

Fast forward two decades and it’s a whole new game now. Communication has changed so dramatically that it’s hard to even compare the way we communicate to the past. Our devices have become super small and super smart. There is a whole new generation dependant on the day to day use of massive amounts of data. In fact when I think back to my first phone, I almost miss the feeling of just talking to someone without the trappings of an entire infrastructure designed to keep you engaged and distracted from having a good old fashioned chin wag.

With the introduction of platforms that offered a much more fly on the wall experience of life, we subscribed in the millions the illusion of a more enriched lifestyle. A lifestyle that involved more sharing of private data. At first we revered the early sharers, complimenting them on their bravery and confidence online, only to become addicted to doing the very same thing.

Many of us now spend hours each day searching for the answer to a billion questions, filtering, sharing, liking and disliking information that is accessible in our pockets. We have even become accustomed to asking our handsets for information that we are too tired to try and think of ourselves.

Apps are the way forward now. There is an App for almost everything!they have taken over now and we have become compliant with having screens filled with redundant data collection bots taking and selling our real-time information to larger companies that target us in their massive marketing campaigns. It is not unusual to be bombarded by advertising from companies trying to sell you products or services based on your interactions online.

Our mobile devices have become a goldmine of data being shared around the world to the highest bidder. This is the new normal now.

Yes! As well as the brilliance of us all being connected, there is a very dark side to the new age of communication. We now spend massive amounts of time pretending that our lives are different to what are reality really is. The ugly have become the adorable, the short have become the tall and the beautiful have become influencers to millions.

There is no right or wrong in social media land. Only different. The amount of content that we share every day is truly unimaginable.

People are now motivated to seek likes and shares as a part of their emotional intelligence. Likes and shares have now are the new drug. Without it we easily become withdrawn and rapidly lose confidence in ourselves. The thirst for external gratification has now taken over from the basic need to communicate.

Being comfortable with being followed and liked at the same time has always confused me. Some people have 5000 followers and are the depressed at how many physical friends they have. Eating out alone with nothing other than a smart phone to glare into for interaction.

We have to be careful that we don’t lose the ability to communicate effectively without a shiny smart phone stuck to the palm of our hands.

Social media should enable you to feel free and liberated , and yet there is a definite sense of being held captive. Maybe we should start deleting the people that follow us and start rebuilding our lives with people that actually care about our overall wellbeing. The future will be interesting indeed.

Matt Brown


Abdi Omar – A true inspiration!

Abdi Omar is 27 years old and he has cerebral palsy however despite that Abdi Omar inspires & motivates all types of people.
Abdi is also a filmmaker and edits his videos. He created his own company called The AAC Support Network to provide services to people who use communication devices to talk and their family.
Abdi uses a communication aid called Accent 1400 which he controls with his head to talk because it is difficult for him to speak normally. He started his own YouTube channel in 2012 August and now he reached 500,000 views in total.
He is heavily involved within Somali community and 28 August 2014 he was recognised by Number 10 Downing Street. He has recently been given an award for working within the Somali community.
Abdi Omar has always dreamt about speaking in front of an audience since he started making motivational speeches on YouTube.
In 2017 he achieved it by attending events as a public speaker. Without a doubt 2018 and 2019 were the best years for Abdi Omar as a motivational speaker the reason is, he was invited to speak at universities, colleges, schools and a variety of different events.
Now Abdi Omar is inspired to be the first United Nation Disabled Ambassador. Current he is studying BSc counselling and coaching at London Metropolitan.

Abdi also played one of the key leading Actors in our film Karma, and was a joy to work with and such an inspiration