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Committed to supporting young people in Haringey

Haringey received the biggest amount of funding in the first round of the Mayor’s Young Londoners Fund (external link) to deliver our Haringey Community Gold scheme to support young people to discover their talent and fulfil their potential. Haringey Community Gold uses a strengths based public health approach to engaging young people and benefits from a network of connected community programmes to listen and respond to young people.

The programme made up of detached youth work and community programmes allows young people to find local provisions which range from sports, training and employment, future leaders programme, mental health support and a BAME careers service.

The three-year funded programme’s outreach workers are already working closely with schools, youth clubs, and the voluntary sector.

Young people can choose which programmes they are interested in to create a bespoke experience for themselves. We want to support you to stay on track, take the opportunities you want, develop relationships and leadership skills and have good mental health and wellbeing.

Who are the ten Haringey Community Gold partners?

Haringey Community Gold

Engaging with young people where they are comfortable, building their confidence and giving them the opportunity to understand their potential by providing them with options for their future.

Picture shows Haringey Specialist Outreach Workers.

Haringey Council

  • Street outreach: in community – your road, estate, park, shopping centre, sporting group
  • Detached and mobile outreach: ‘as needed’ in community locations, including home visits, schools, community centres, libraries and other public places for young people referred by others
  • Assertive community outreach: what would you like? Football provision in your local park? A girls group in the local community centre? For young people who may not be engaged with other services
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